Saturday, February 6, 2010

Message to my Daughter on her Bat Mitzvah...

Niki… you are my precious gift, a light that lives in my life always. I walk around every day still feeling the weight of your adorable little body clinging to my shoulders, sitting in my lap, and holding my hand. I think you spent more time on my shoulders and in my lap than in your stroller. I treasure those days.

No one can see the future or know what it holds but I could not have dreamt about a daughter who could have made me feel more special as she grew up. The way you used to insist on running down the stairs and jumping in to my arms every time I dropped you off at your moms before I could leave… it was ritual and we never missed a chance. If I could have chosen a daughter I know in my heart I would have reached out for you, wished for your quick wit and dreamed of your SPIRIT and STYLE. I’d have hoped for your love and affection, as I do now, imagined your beautiful smile, and looked out for your best interest… always.

Life isn’t days and years, it’s what you do with time and with all the goodness and grace that I know is inside you. Think for yourself, follow your heart, and make a beautiful life…the kind of life you deserve.

I am hoping you will always remember the thing most important by far… how much you are loved, how proud I am, always and no matter what, and how wonderfully special you are.

I love my girls not because everything in them is lovely and according to my liking, but because there is a real incomprehensible bond which is stronger than anything life can throw our way. I will always, always love you… no matter what.

You made me so proud today and I will hold that feeling in my heart, take it with me wherever I go, and cherish the memory.

Nothing can be regarded as valuable unless it is assessed in relation to something with a higher value. I love you Niki, with all my heart, and that will never change.


  1. If I knew how to post a heart-shaped icon, I would.

  2. Beautiful. She'll treasure this, although if I know you well enough, I'd guess you don't keep your heart wrapped tightly on most days :) Your a great dad.

  3. very beautiful, I'm glad I could take a glimpse into your life.
    melinda (@lkwhtmomfound)

  4. Thank you all. There was a direct message and something deeper meant for those who have an understanding of my life as a divorced Dad, and those who can read between the lines.

    Really appreciate your comments :-)

  5. Mazel Tov! Children are so amazing and awesome.

  6. Ted,
    That was so beautiful and straight from the heart. I attended a Bat Mitzvah in Suffern yesterday and the speech given can't hold a candle to yours.
    We live for our children and always want nothing but the best for them.
    Mazel Tov!

  7. Mazel Tov Ted. You are a very special one of a kind man, father, friend, son, brother, etc.
    I am lucky to have you in my life. Your daughters are especially lucky.....and at 45, I feel the same way about my dad that I am sure they will feel about you. XOXOOXOX

  8. Ted, I knew you were something special. What a unique bond daughters have with there dads. This brought tears to my eyes as I am sure it did for your daughter. Never doubt that they know how you feel about them, but never stop telling them:) This was beautiful!

  9. It's wonderful to see how much you treasure your children. May this gift of love that you give your daughter on her special day serve as an example to other fathers to lead their lives with open hearts and open arms, as you have so beautifully done here.

  10. mazel tov, ted. wow. i have tears.

  11. They truly mean so very much to be and I hope to be a positive influence in their lives.

  12. More bullshit from the master manipulator. You suckers should really know whats behind that smile.

  13. Every girl derserves a Dad with this much love, and I know nothing about you! But reading between the lines....your girls have a special to all girls that think that Dad is to tough, don't really love me, would be here (due to divorce or death) if he really loved me....remember that everything in life is relavent to the circumstances at the moment and that for every chapter in the "Book of your Life"; there are always more than one way of reading it and everyone can read the same chapter a different way....but in the end, the truth will always lie somewhere in the middle but take the time to be thankful for what you do have and the love that is given freely from your parents for one day the "Chapter on the life and memories that you are building everyday with the Ones who Love You" will end and that chapter will be over! So make the most memories you can for one day that is all you will have left along with the blessing of knowing that you were loved! Believe me; this is not something that every child has!
    This was an awesome post and brought back a lot of personal memories - Thanks for sharing!