Sunday, May 31, 2009

Business and war have much in common

In war, it is axiomatic that the victors of the last war fight the new one with the same tactics of the old. Having won the victor is content with what won for him; but the vanquished wants to know why he lost.

Business and war have much in common. Entrenched companies keep doing what got them there. Upstarts introduce/discover new methods and vanquish the victors.

What worked before does not always continue to be effective. Best practices evolve and change. Look for and/or discover those changes... evolve or perish!


  1. Business today is like wilderness survival - the old maps don't work! I just finished a book that you might enjoy: DEEP SURVIVAL: WHO LIVES, WHO DIES, AND WHY. It is mostly about survival in the wilderness in life or death situations, but there are some great parallels to business life today. I wrote about it recently in my blog: I use this blog to write about coaching issues. Did I tell you I am a certified executive coach?

    I like your blog a lot! Keep writing ....


  2. Have heard of that book, sounds interesting.
    Thanks Christina... keep coming back :-)